Raising Funds For Bible School, One Brick At A Time

It may surprise you that the sole purpose of this auction is not to raise money. It’s not that simple. On a much deeper, personal level, this auction represents a ‘rendering of myself’ to a season of spiritual-formation that lies ahead. At the beginning of the year, our church asked the question, “What does it mean to step onto Holy Ground”? Moses and Joshua both took off their sandals before entering into God’s presence. This begged the question, “What ‘sandals’ do I need to remove before entering into deeper intimacy with God”? One of the things that shoes represent for me is “comfort” and collecting Lego is something that has provided a great deal of comfort over the years. As I prepare for Bible School, I feel led to lay that down, as a way of saying I want to enter into all that God has for me, by first removing my sandals and stepping fully into His presence. That’s why I’m auctioning my Lego. As you participate, please remember that it is not so much about the money you give (although I hope you give generously), but rather the seeds you are sowing into the next stage of my life and future ministry. It goes without saying that selling my collection is an incredibly painful experience, but one I sincerely hope encourages you through my sharing of it.
All auction items are displayed in the table below. If you would like specific details on a particular item, simple click on the title of the item. This will take you to the items individual page, where you have the option to read a detailed description, view photos of the item, or send me a private message. Please remember that this is not a commercial auction. This is a personal project to raise funds for Bible School. Some of the items are partial sets that I have collected over the years, so what-you-see in the photos is what you get. I’ve made an effort of writing full descriptions for each item, reflecting their personal value and significance to me. My hope is that you not only take some Lego away, but that you obtain a greater appreciation for the item and a sense of having learnt something new. To return to the main table, click here 
Once you are on an items individual page, you are able to make a bid. Bidding is straight-forward. You will see the time remaining for the auction, the current highest bid and the number of bids currently made on the item. To make a bid, simply enter your name, email address and bid value in HKD. Once you’re happy with your bid, press the green “Place Bid” button. Your screen will dim and you may need to wait up to 30 seconds for the process to be complete. Once completed the screen will return to normal and a message will pop-up confirming you made a bid. You will also receive an email confirmation of your bid, along with further emails should anyone else out-bid you. To ensure you receive these notifications, please add wordpress@marknam.com to your contacts, or check your junk mail folder for it.
If at the end of the auction, you are the highest bidder on an item, you will receive an email congratulating you on your win. This email will contain all the details pertaining to the item, as well as instructions on how to proceed with payment. To keep things simple, you will be presented two options. You can either transfer the money directly into my HSBC account or you can arrange a time over whatsapp to meet-up and trade in person. All the details will be in that email. To ensure you don’t miss any important communication, please add wordpress@marknam.com to your contacts, or check your junk mail folder for it. Happy bidding!

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