About Me

Welcome to marknam.com. Whilst this website belongs to me, it is not just about “me”. In fact, the sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed the two italicised letters in the logo, K and N. A big part of who I am is the wonderful lady that God has placed in my life, Kayi Nam, and I certainly wouldn’t be me, if it wasn’t for her.

After 10 years of serving at The Vine Church in Hong Kong, Kayi and I, along with our two girls, are headed to Trinity College, Bristol in the UK for three years of spritual renewal and theological study.

I originally started work at The Vine in 2007, as the Associate Worship & Creative Arts Director, pastoring the musicians, singers and worship-leaders, as well as helping develop the media & creative department. I had the priviledge of helping found the The Vine Band, and was instrumental in establishing Worship Central Asia, a school of worship that originated from Holy Trinity Brompton London, where I worked briefly as an Asian representative for Alpha International.

Up until recently, I was responsible for the spirutal-development and care of The Vine’s small-group communities that meet across Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and out-lying islands. I also spear-headed Family-Life, a ministry of The Vine that aimed to bring practical teaching and training to the community in the form of courses and programmes that centre around Christian values. In recent years, I have enjoyed being part of the regular teaching and preaching team at The Vine.

It has been a joy to see the church grow from a small  Sunday fellowship of around 80 people into a lively, diverse congregation of around 2,000+ people, meeting through out the week. I have been involved with two building projects, the most recent seeing an old abandoned cinema transformed into a white-light in the traditionally red-light district of Wan Chai, serving refugees, schools, local chinese, the Arts, NGO’s, and elderly to name but a few. It has been an incredible 10 years, which has required incredible amounts of stretching, growing and adjusting. In fact, I have seen an entire staff of over 35 people come and go in my time, and with Hong Kong being the transient city it is famous (or perhaps infamous for), I have had to say goodbye to countless friends and family over the years. It has left me tired.

And now I need a rest. Last year I preached out of of Chronicles, and whilst my brief was to focus on the life of King David and Solomon for the narrative, I was personally impacted by the life of King Saul. Here was a young man who had flourished under God’s favour, who served God’s Kingdom and saw it prosper and grow. But this man, didn’t know when to stop, and instead of seeking the Lord, he continued to press-on in his own strength, talent and ambition, which ultimately led to his ruin. After 10 years at The Vine, Kayi and I feel God calling us out of full-time ministry, so that we might find rest and rejuvenation for the seasons ahead, instead of pressing on into ruin. Whilst some may regard our choice as foolish, from both a financial and possibly career perspective, we have heard God’s voice and sensed his calling.

This is the background to which we begin our time in Bristol, and this is the context in which this website has been created. Cheers,

Mark Nam