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Raising Funds, One Brick At A Time


At the beginning of the year, our church asked the question, “What does it mean to step onto Holy Ground”? Moses and Joshua both took off their sandals before entering into God’s presence. This begged the question, “What ‘sandals’ do I need to remove before entering into deeper intimacy with God”?

One of the things that shoes represent for me is “comfort” and collecting Lego is something that has provided a great deal of comfort over the years. As I prepare for Bible School, I feel led to lay that down, as a way of saying I want to enter into all that God has for me, by first removing my sandals and stepping fully into His presence.

That’s why I’m auctioning my Lego. And on a much deeper, personal level, this auction represents a ‘rendering of myself’ to a season of spiritual-formation that lies ahead. So please click here to check out my auction.

As you participate, please remember that it is not so much about the money you give (although I hope you give generously), but rather the seeds you are sowing into the next stage of my life and future ministry. It goes without saying that selling my collection is an incredibly painful experience, but one I sincerely hope encourages you through my sharing of it.

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